June 14, 2012

"Blanchard" my best"Memories".

I want to say my life has always been full of adventures. I have to say one adventure that keeps you guessing and is full of Excellent "Music" swimming, tanning, of course every night is a party of unforgettable "Memories". Our Vacation spot is known as "Barkshed" also known as "Blanchard" in Baxter County Ar.

This is the kind of Camping where there's no, Electricity, No phone service, just back in the woods camping with a lot of tents. We
all gather around a campfire and listen to Guitars as we all sing along to the music from my son Derrick Brandons band,
Fallen Within at,
Also music from my other sons band, Danny Baty Band, at Facebook.com/dannybatymusic

It's where we roast hotdogs and eat messy S'mores. We are all one big family. I first started going in 1984 when my children were 2 & 4. Now it's 2012, and my children take there children so my grandkids get to enjoy this "Beautiful" tradition, called "Blanchard" my best"Memories".
Written by, Anna Baty

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