June 21, 2012

I've not known "Love" yet.

I love life and all it holds.All I ask is treat me with respect if I respect you. Love me for the words I write and speak, not how my lips move when talking. Life has always been a challenge for me.

I often write about a life I want and will never know. I sit and look around and try not to crumble to my knees. I look around and think, Am I ugly and Fat
is that what the world "Sees".

I feel so broken, like nothing's ever right. I have no one to talk too. No one to love, and no one to love me. I just don’t know where life is taking me. I’m just feel alone in everything, and it's killing me.

My strength is myself, It pushes me hard every day.For I look deep inside and say why must I always be strong. Can someone just hold me and tell
me I'm Beautiful, and nothing about
Me Is "Wrong".

I feel the need to run and hide.
Is it because I'm weak inside.
Where no one will judge me or make fun of me. See I'm not a "Model" but please don't forget.I never say
my life's perfect, for
I've not knowed "Love"yet.

I can't make you love me. By Adele.

Anna Baty

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