June 23, 2012

A "Women's" Love.

This is dedicated to every women who has put her, "Heart" and "Soul" into the Understanding and Passion of her "Man" and their "Marriage"and it just wasn't Enough.

A "Women's" Love.

Nothing compares with a woman’s love. We can be kind and compassionate, hateful and "Loving", patient and generous. If you "Love" her she will walk across water and up the tallest mountains for you, no matter how you’ve acted out or no matter what crazy thing you’ve done.She will encourage you when your at your lowest and think there isn’t a way out.

Hold you in her arms when you’re sick. She will give you her very best "Love", while trying to still win your heart,
Then when you act like everything she’s done for you doesn't matter. That’s a woman’s love, it will stand the test of time, logic, and all the "Love", when circumstances are to hard on their "Hearts" and "Marriage".

Alabama -Lady Down on Love

Anna Baty

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