June 16, 2012

Dedicated to all Fathers. Happy Fathers Day

Dedicated to all Fathers.
Happy Fathers Day from your Daughters and Sons.
A Dad is a person who's loving and kind, He has a great gift for reading our mind. He's someone who listens, gives advice and defends. He's someone we can call our very best friend.

A dad has patients when something is wrong. He's also someone that can be stern and strong. I want to say Thank-you
for all that you do, Even when we're mad we will always love you. Now as each year passes, New beginnings begin, I want you to know your always a win.

So Thank you Dad for listening and caring, for all that you give especially for sharing, I want you to know that deep in my Heart never forget we're never Apart.
I loved you "Yesterday, Today, and Forever".
Happy Father's Day
Anna Baty

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