June 6, 2012

Arkansas teen gets 45 yrs, shoots sleeping sister.

Teen from Arkansas gets 45 years for Shooting sister while sleeping.

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas teen pleaded guilty Wednesday to murdering his sleeping sister and was sentenced to 45 years in prison for a crime he still hasn't fully explained.

Colton Harvey, 15, grabbed his father's .22-caliber rifle one January morning while his parents were out grocery shopping. He walked into his 16-year-old sister Candace's room, pointed it at her forehead and fired. She awoke with a scream, so he shot her in the head twice more.

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Ark. teen who shot sleeping sister gets 45 years - http://news.yahoo.com/ark-teen-shot-sleeping-sister-gets-45-years-224433474.html

Anna Baty

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  1. I stop and wonder does anyone ever know if it's depression that's effecting our teens. Could it be peer pressure. Drugs, Abuse,
    Will we ever know. Please take the time to watch,
    If you notice changes in your child please take the time to open the communication, It could save your child's life or your family.