October 29, 2012

Halloween "vs" true Values.

This story is not intended for anyone in particular. What kind of values are we teaching our children. When we are saying its ok to spend $20 to $50 on a Halloween Costume that is only good for one night of fun.

Now what can $20 to $50 do
in today's economy.It can help pay a water bill it can also help buy groceries for a week. Or maybe be saved for that family Vacation next summer together. What happened to making homemade costumes?. Has Halloween become a competition on who has the best costume or most expensive.

Yes I believe it has and with today's economy one never knows when that rainy day will come. What happens when you get laid off from your Job.
Or maybe you or your children need medicine and can't afford it.

My point is when your child asks you, Mom or Dad I need $30 for a school trip and your reply is! Well we just don't have it. Will they or you remember you just spent $20 to $50 on a Halloween Costume for a popularity contest instead of saving it.

Tell me how can one explain to a child that the values in life are just spend it because its only money and if we need money we can Rob Peter to pay Paul.
That's another story in itself.
I say the values we teach our children are what they grow up to remember that's its ok to spend money we can't afford to spend.

Anna Baty

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