October 20, 2012

Step UP!!! Stop the Bullying.

Step UP!!! Stop the Bullying.
Are you part of the "Problem"
Or part of the "Solution".

Watch my video below, I was a
Victim of being Anonymously
Bullied, Why did no one ever notice
or help?. My only way out was
Death I was 11 yrs, old.

We all know this is a cruel world
In today's society. I have to say in the past we had been bullied. We had a different way of dealing with it better.
It was not as common as today.

I am disgusted with the way girls and boys, Men and women, Moms & Dads, even Teachers use bullying in there very own lives and in school and never notice. Remember when you tell your daughter, If you keep eating like that you going to be a fat pig look at you now your ugly. Or son, grow up if you keep acting like a sissy no women will want or love you.

We all know there's heavy peer pressure at School, Sitting alone at the lunch table because your clothes don't match.Teacher puts you in the very back of classroom because your
"Slow" and the kids and Teachers think
that your stupid and you waste there time. The Coach won't let you play sports because you can't catch a Football.The Choir Teacher doesn't take you to Competitions because
you can't sing very good and they don't
want the School to be embarrassed.

Well I'm here to say, watch this video, then maybe next time you decide to bully someone who took there own life because you or no one else cared enough to notice or offer "Hope".

Bullycide- Bullied to Death Memorial how many are victims of Anonymously Bullied.

I will be your "Voice your Hope".
Anna Baty

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