October 5, 2012

White teammates place a noose around an African Americans neck.

" What do you think there Judgement should have been".

A Hazing incident occurred in Wynne, Ar, When a 9th grade African American student reported that a noose was placed around his neck by 2 of his White Football Teammates.
Lets just say you will be shocked by
The School Boards decision.
Also the Police departments decision.

Please read this story I placed a link for rest of Hazing story and the video below. I also posted a Link on the School Boards decision and what angered both the Black and White parents.To me this is a great Injustice.

Video and link on the Hazing Incident.

The incident occurred last week and resulted in the suspension of 7 students. But a stiffer penalty, expulsion, was recommended by the Superintendent but required a vote by the school board. A lot of the outrage was because the board voted to expel two junior varsity players for the remainder of the Semester instead of expulsion for rest of the School year.

Video of School Board Meeting.

Link on the School Boards Decisions.
Credit goes to www.Kait8news.com for there continuous news coverage.
Anna Baty

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