May 28, 2012

Words of wisdom "Family".

Words of wisdom "Family".

Today I wanted to do a story about "Family". Few Pointers.
Does anyone but a few understand the meaning.

1. Family is suppose to be there thru "Thick & Thin".
2. Family, does not come with a definition that explains, Use me as needed.
3. Family, when one of us are down it helps to have someone try to cheer us up and spend time with us, Not walk all over us like a floor mat.
4. Family, they can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
5. Family, when is the last time
you went and see them just to let them know, You appreciate all they have done for you.
6. Family, Appreciate them while you can because any second they
Could be "Gone" from your life
then it's to late yo say,
"I love you " Thanks for helping and "Loving" me back.
I wrote this because some people need to realize remember. A simple "Thank you" or "I love you"
Can bring a world of Loneliness
To a world of "Happiness" and hope and with smiles.

I love you my Family.
Anna Baty

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