May 29, 2012

I can Guarantee you 50-70% off Name Brand Jeans.

Want a great way to relax and have fun with, Family and Friends. Even try on jeans and get Opinions on how they look from people you trust.
There are no presentations you shop try on, Buy and wear Home.

Tired of paying high prices for name brand jeans, capri's, and shorts, Men's jeans and even Maternity pants.I guarantee Me and you if interested can sell vault denim brand name jeans for 50-70% off retail price.
Everything is priced from $48-$92 - up to 50% off retail prices!

Anyone can book and host a party it's that easy. When you host a party you earn 10% of the total party sales and it goes toward your purchase of your jeans.

An example if you host a party and the people at your party buy $200 worth of jeans. You will receive 10% off a $200 purchase.

You Could even earn 2 to 3 free pairs depending on how well your party goes. I will bring around 130 pair of jeans to the party and you just shop! When you buy a pair you will receive your jeans that night without any wait.
At vault denim we also have shorts and capris, Men's jeans and even Maternity pants.

When you host a Vault Denim Designer Jean Party, we'll bring 100+ pairs of designer denim for you and your friends to try on, purchase, and take home that day!

Thanks Vault."
Shelly Mackey.

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