May 17, 2012

Should Spanking still be allowed, At Home and School.

Should Spanking still be allowed, At Home and School.
Would you support its use at your child's school?. I have posted a video. The of the Schools point of view. It is Explicit and a Graphic Video.

This will always be a touchy subject, Now where is the studies about giving our Schools
permission to use Corporal Punishment, on our children when entering our Public Schools.
All I keep hearing is how wrong it is for Parents to spank but I can say I have seen and heard what goes on in some local Schools.

My opinion, there's a difference in Spanking and Abuse from the, Schools and Parents. I believe spanking is ok. Beating out of "Anger" is not by a parent or School.

Below is a Video from the Board of Education on School Paddling the video is "Graphic".
Check out this video on YouTube:
The Board of Education Official Trailer #1 (2012) HD Movie

If you're a parent, chances are you've stood at this crossroads before when trying to discipline your child: To spank or not to spank? Some people say it's constructive, but others think it's a form of abuse. So where do you draw the line between healthy and harmful?.

A recent study from Canadian, claims that spanking our child could cause developmental delays. We talked to Dr. Robert Needlman, a behavioral and developmental pediatrician to get his thoughts and Opinion.

His advice was In these terms of what spanking is?. This is not abuse - the data is mixed and there are many, many people who remember having been spanked by their parents as children.

That said, Dr. Needlman says spanking is absolutely not necessary. He says it teaches your kids that they can get their way through physical force, and it can evolve to something much worse.

Now if the parent spanks the child and the behavior doesn't get better, and the parent keeps spanking and the behavior doesn't get better, pretty soon you're in a position where the parent is actually abusing the child," says Dr. Needlman.

Study or no study, the fact is many adults were spanked as kids while not being abused, according to Dr. Needlman, No reason to go down that road over and over.
Corporal punishment is legal in 22 states. Would you support its use at your child's school?
States with Corporal Punishment in School ...

Anna Baty

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