May 30, 2012

Child "Abuse" from my back Window.

This is dedicated to my Nephew,
Amos Wilson and all the other children who die or suffer at the hands of an "Abuser".
Please listen and watch the Video !!!

My Heart is heavy and burns with "Sorrow" and "Pain".
For I cannot forget the "Abuse"
I see and hear from my back "Window".

As I sit working at my back window. I look out and see other people's back windows,
and it is quite impossible for me to help but notice the interest in my neighbors. There are many children in these houses, i don't know none of their names.
The helpless baby who screams all day for he is shaken, spanked, by a angry nanny who treats him like a rag doll.

I pity that little baby, and believe he wont stand it long for I see him double up his tiny hands,
and swing away at nothing,
I sometimes wonder if our neighbors ever have an interest in us or our shady side, something we don't show to the world.

If they love, pity, or condemn us?
What words do they speak,
Do they forget who may be watching from their back windows, with clearer eyes.
Could it be a Women with a pen in her hand who continues to write what she see's from her,
"Back Window", With so much pain that she feels a need to say,
Can this "Abuse" ever go away.

Child Abuse - Does Anybody Hear Her?

Look out your back window and "Watch" what will you see and can you stop the "Abuse".

Posted and written by Anna Baty, 5-30-12

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