April 3, 2011


I once was a  Mother, of two children i had.
My Love was unconditional we never felt sad.
I held there heads up when they needed to cry.
Now as i age there lives pass me by.

My children soon notice how much i forget.
I tell my two children im not giving up yet.
Soon you will see your names i will call.
then you will say Mom! you remembered it all.

Still lost and confused there decisions
done made, no memories i have of where
i will stay. They packed me a bag to start
out my day. Mom you have Alzheimers
we sent you away.

Now years have done passed i wait
everyday, Please come my dear Children
i got something to say.
I wont forget and promise not to roam,
Please my dear children i just want to
go Home.
This is Dedicated to all the Mothers who could not speak. I will speak for you.altt.jpg


  1. Anna I love this as you know I am taking care of my Father who has alzheimers and is 88 yrs. old. It is hard to watch them go through this. But I will keep him with me as long as I can. But I sure do miss seeing youal. But thanks for writing this.

  2. Barbara,, I always be here for you, and remember even though you think he dont know you, he will always remember your voice and touch. Love and miss you to Anna