April 28, 2011

Our Future, Our Family

Our Future, Our Family

To me this is about Family and our Future so i decided to Post it.

I believe in God, family.
The truth between people,
the power of strength and love.
That means no one gets left behind or forgotten.
Our family is the test of freedom,
because the family is the only thing
that is man made without limitations.
I say never under estimate the power of family.
Sometimes it may take just a small gathering
around a camp fire.
The stories we share
about old and new times are the stories we
can share with the next generation
to laugh and cry about.
This would be
a sad world without the Presents
of Family to share it with.
My life is complete with the Love and Laughter
i share with my family.
To me as a Mother, Wife, Grandmother,
In every conceivable manner,
the family is link to our past, bridge to our
"Childrens Future"
me and my grandbabies. Hayden, Ian, Kobi, Mamaw loves you..png
Myself, My future.
me and my grandbabies. Hayden, Ian, Kobi, Mamaw loves you.
Live, Laugh, and Love Life

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