April 25, 2011

Internal Thoughts

This is not a Poem it is an expression on one's self.
So i hope you Like it.

I am just now learning that vulnerability is strength.
I am learning to speak and write boldly about the reality,
of living with depressive conditions.
Even when it’s hard and I don’t have it all figured out.
It’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done.
It feels like running naked across the front lawn.
Silence is never merely the cessation of words.
Rather it is the pause that holds me together indeed,
it makes sense of all the words, both spoken and unspoken.
Silence is the glue that connects our attitudes and our actions.
Silence is the fullness, not emptiness, it is not absence,
but the awareness of a presence.
Silence can be challenging sounds of traffic,
and to the congestion of people living close together.
Because there is a fear of entering into silence.
When we are used to living at a distance,
from our deep center caught up in the surface chatter,
dropping down into the silent can evoke fearfulness.
What might we discover when we pause,
long enough to really hear?
One will never know because we all may fall into depression,
but its the tools in ourself that we use to help us survive,
and try to make us understand ourselves.
Written by, Anna Baty

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