April 26, 2011

I Miss you to Much.

I Miss you to Much.
She looks to the skies as if for an answer.
Why am i lonely and where do i go.
He was my life the smile on my face.
His touch in the morning made my heart race.
Our walks in the sands,
gently holding each others hands.

Now when i sit in your favorite chair all alone,
your presence i feel because your soul feels at home.
Hold me again i need to feel your touch.
My heart is so empty i loved you to much.
I still remember that brisk and cool day,
that day we met and you made my fears go away.
your perfect smile, your joyous laugh,
the way your eyes lit up when we talked about our past.

Now all i do is wander, in a house we called home.
Please tell me my darling what do i do,
and where do i go i feel so confused and alone.
I feel like a lonely spirit that just wants to Fly,
If only i knew that meant,
i could always stay by your side.

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