January 30, 2013

"Kindness to Unite us together".

"Kindness to Unite us together as One".

Kindness does not have to stop with itself. Ones kind actions leads to a Good example to
follow and continue to share with the world. One act of kindness gives us "Hope" in all directions of the "World" and the guidance to allow our children to see that kindness if offered does make the world and those around
us to see that one day this world can "Unite" together as "One".

Maybe if we all just offer one act of "Kindness" maybe that will instill others to show the kindness they hold in themselves
that is rarely seen by others.
The beauty and wisdom you can find in kindness once was shared
by the world. Although now it seems it has become a rare treasure that it seldom found
in the world today. So today I
offer to you the,
"Kindness to Unite us together as One".

Anna Baty

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