January 9, 2013

Make Music is your "Happiness".

Music is your "Happiness".

Things that will can add more power to your life. First start understanding yourself. Stop the worrying, yes you may have quieted down for awhile. Now it's time to wake up and remember the music in your life has not gone out. It is still inside of you if you will stop and listen to it. Always know you can still play it and only then you will you begin to feel the sweet harmony of your life and the sounds of,
Music is your "Inner Happiness".

We want to Thank our our Family, Friends, and our "Fans" and the Club owners that allow Us to Rock the House with all.
This year will be a great start to our new music coming out and I want to say Thanks to the Band members for there dedication and hours of practice we as family will always be united. Check our music out at the Links below.


Anna Baty

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