February 12, 2013

Stand strong be true to yourself.

Stand strong be true to yourself.

Our lives can be a long lived or it can be short lived. It's our choice. Sometimes, it's okay to walk alone it gives us time to reflect on our lives and change if needed.
We don't have the right to point out someone's flaws and mold them into "Perfection".

Life is about Loving ourselves and knowing it's ok to be, Sad or angry with life sometimes. No one is perfect but to ourselves we may be and that's what matters. Judgement doesn't.
When we carry ourselves through life. We offer "Love & Respect for ourselves and others then there should be no room for, Disappointment or to change someone.

When you have a world of people who Love life and offer respect to those who surround them then, We should never second guess who we are as a person.
So I say Love yourself and the person you have become because you are the one who can only decide to,
Stand strong be true to yourself.

Written by,
Anna Baty

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