February 25, 2012

My Love will never Fade.

When you care about the other person more than you care about yourself,
and their happiness means more to you than your own.

When you wake up to see them and you go to bed beside them and always feel safe.
Knowing you're happy to make sacrifices just to see the person smile.
When you can't picture the rest of your life without that person.

When all these things describe your feelings for someone,
 that's how you know you're in love.
Then you have the feeling of how will your life be without him.

That is something we can't image we don't ever want to be Lonely.
The strength in us is stronger then we know,
but we still want to be held if just for a little while.
 Then at that moment you hold it all right beside you.
Then it remains forever in your "Heart"
2-25-2012, Anna Baty.

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