February 13, 2012

Ignorance and fear, and Violence.

Some say that there are only two things in the world,
God and fear; love and fear are the only two things.
There's only one evil in the world, fear. 
There's only one good in the world, love.
It's sometimes called by other names. 
It's sometimes called happiness or freedom or peace or joy or God.
But the label doesn't really matter.
And there's not a single evil in the world that you cannot trace to fear.
Not one.
Ignorance and fear, ignorance caused by fear,
that's where all the evil comes from,
that's where your violence comes from. 
The person who is truly non-violent,
who is incapable of violence, is the person who is fearless.
It's only when you're afraid that you become angry. 
Think of the last time you were angry. Go ahead.Think of the last time you were angry and search for the fear behind it.What were you afraid of losing? What were you afraid would be taken from you?That's where the anger comes from.Think of an angry person, maybe someone you're afraid of. Can you see how frightened he or she is to you? He's really frightened, he really is.She's really frightened or she wouldn't be angry.Ultimately, there are only two things, love not fear.The two do not combine as one so stop the, Ignorance and fear, and Violence. "Stand back and say I wont take it no more "

Words by Author,  De Mello: Fear
who meaning of Violence is Stop.

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