February 6, 2012

The "Angels", with the pretty white "Wings".

I dedicate this to, Susan Powell, Charlie Powell, 6,  Braden Powell, 4.

We use to wake up run down the stairs.
We sat at a table like a family that shared.
Then one cold winter day,
Daddy said let"s go camping boys,
and sing along on the way.

Me and my brother all we could say,
Is "Daddy" why can"t  Mommy come with us today.
He looked at his boys and roughly said,
Mommy is tired and just wants to rest her head.

Riding with daddy to the campsite,
My brother softly whispered somethings not right.
We lay close together my brother held tight.
Daddy said you'll see mother in the morning,
and it will be alright.

So the next morning all excited we helped daddy pack.
Jumped in the car for a fun trip back.
I kept having this feeling somethings not right.
So i kept to myself as i held my brother tight.

As we got closer i couldn't be still,
excited to love on mommy, and always will.
As dad opened the door we ran though the house,
hollering for mommy but she wasn't there.
I  looked at our daddy with an angry stare.

Where is she daddy and what did you do.
I know you took mommy i see the clues to.
Me and my brother all we do is cry,
So i asked grandma and grandpa,
Where is our mommy and why does daddy lie.

He said she would be there when he opened the door,
That is the day we never seen mommy no more.
As the years passed by i still cry, 
Asking  my daddy tell me why.
I know what you did and i won't tell,
Just bring back our mommy alive and well.

As the weekend came all excited my brother and me,
Daddy's got mommy for both of us to see.
A well dressed lady she picks us up,
A rose in my hand to cheer our mommy up.

As daddy opened the door he shoved us both in,
Locked the lady outside so she couldn't come in.
All of a sudden my brother started to cry,
I held him real close and said "Daddy" please why?

I knew right there as i felt a touch,
It was our "Mommy" lifting us up.
We are in "Heaven" with mommy you see,
She hold us close as we begin to sing.
See sons we are now "Angels",
With the pretty white "Wings".

Written by, Anna Baty.  Feb, 6th , 2012
Susan Powell, Missing since 2009
Charlie Powell, 6,  Braden Powell, 4. 
Passed away on, Feb, 5th, 2012


  1. That made me cry! You need to send that to the family.

  2. Thankyou, for taking the time to read it. I will send it to Family and the Newspaper.