May 17, 2011

Hold the Passion.

Hold the Passion
It's shelters you through lonely nights,
and keep his touch in your sights.

Hold tight his memories,
his hands in the shadows
of the Broken window pane.
When he slowly untied,
my apron string.

He held you close in his arms.
His breath you felt on the nap of your neck.
You melted as he kept you warm,
Keeping your life from total havoc.

You snuggled each memory,
Waiting for it to be your last.
As you lay all alone in your bed.
You dream of the passion,
and his touch from the past.

Push away despair,
for he is no longer here.
so impossible it seems,
where do i go from here.

I hold his passion close to my heart.
Till there comes a day,
i can make a new start..
Know it was only you,
that kept the Passion in my Heart.
Hold the Passion
Live, Laugh, and Love Life

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