May 12, 2011

Don't Quit

This is Dedicated to all the children
who think its not worth the Fight,
Never give up it's your Right.
See my Sons you made it.
Your dream your Music

Life's lessons have little quirks and turns
As in life we sometimes learn.
Pick yourself up don't give up trying.
Dry up your eyes and give up on crying.

I  tell my children things will go wrong,
I know in my heart  i have to be strong.
Success isn't failure if you think it out.
Say i have done this when in doubt.
When you never know how close you are.
It's because it seems so far.

We all have to continue with our fight.
Stand up and keep fighting,
for it's your right.
When you feel you cant go on, Feel my hand
as i lead you on.

Remember my childen when your hardest hit.
The word to remember is to "Never Quit"

My Music My Dream
Derrick Brandon. 

My Music My Dream
Danny Baty.

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