May 26, 2011

Her Raging Fury

I am dedicating this to the tornado victims in Alabama, Arkansas, Joplin Missouri, Oklahoma, and to all the people who don't understand the reasons why. I'm am here to give you my Strength and Helping Hands. Anna

marieab wrote:I wrote this for all the Family's that keep asking Why.

I  hear her rumble as she blows.
What sparks her fury nobody knows.
They say her path it has no course,
and her strength is called her force.

She snaps whatever stands in her way.
Taking innocent victims everyday.
She means no harm its part of her charm.
She has a message for all to read,
maybe then you'll understand me.

You cannot see me when i start,
tearing your towns all apart.
You can run but cannot hide,
my path is measured a mile wide.

I keeps no time but loves my nights.
My reason being your world sleeps at night.
You question my motives and try to ask why,
I'm a uncontrollable women,
who splits up the sky.

Sometimes my Beauty it spins with a twirl.
My name is "Mother Nature" and this is my World.
Her Fury and Force
Live, Laugh, and Love Life

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