October 21, 2015

We the Children of the "World".

We the Children of the "World".

Read the words below to understand us the "Children".
I dedicate this to every child who tries to help us them and the "World" and us the "Parents"  To listen and believe in them. Listen to our voices, Look into our eyes. We say!!! Please never give up, We haven't. 

I am a child who believes in a future. Just believe in me. Christopher Duffley is a 14 year old blind and autistic singer and multi instrumentalist.
His goal is to his vision through his inspirational singing

Life and people can be so cruel and deceiving at times. Some of as adults have the privilege of taking life for granted and doing as we see fit. We don't stop and think of the consequences or who it hurts till afterwards. 

Sometimes it takes looking through the eyes of a child and hearing their voices. Stand up and listen to their messages. Sometimes even though we can't understand their words at times we can hear the music that comes from their soul and and hear them say yes. 

I am different, I exist !!!.  But do not treat me different. Talk to me. Try to understand me. For I am not a disease. I am a child with Autism, I am a child with cancer. I am deaf and blind. But above all I am a child that believes in a future. I believe I can do anything if you will just listen and believe in me.   

Christopher Duffley 
Credits for the video go to YouTube and Christopher Duffley. 
Credits of Photo belong to, Patricia, 
George - Zwicker

Written by,
Anna Baty, 10-21-15

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