October 10, 2015

Life's Lessons. Mind , Actions and Destiny.

Life's Lessons. Mind , Actions and Destiny.

Life is difficult it's never meant to be an easy road for anyone because that's where life's lessons are learned. We may find gratification for our future. We should also accept it's our responsibility to own our own choices, dedicating ourselves  to seeking truth and balancing when we have life’s conflicts.

Remember your mind has the power to create and the power to destroy your happiness. It's not others in our lives that provide us with the answers. It's us who must decide if were happy, sad, pissed off, or just don't care what others think. 
Is this called selfishness or is it just life's lessons to learn by.

If you can find a way to discipline your "Mind" Only then you can learn to control your "Actions" When you can create positive thoughts only then can you be happy with your own "Destiny".

Written by,
Anna Baty, 10-11-2015

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