March 14, 2015

We are the parents so Step up!!.

We are the parents so 

Step up!!.

I think this topic touches us all. Everyone's children and grandchildren are raised different. I believe it's up to us as parents and grandparents to teach our children about the values in life while growing up. We can't keep blaming it on, Technology, TV, Games or iPhones or computers. Or their friends. It is our job as parents to set rules and explain why. 

Just because John and Debbie have the latest pricy gadgets and refuse to listen and would rather play games or talk on there iPhones doesn't mean if your child throws a tantrum you buy them whatever they want to keep them happy and out of your hair. 

Yes lack of respect, obese and laziness are out of hand. Now look around and ask yourself when is it time to step up and start changing the problem. Start thinking of your children and a future with them. Get involved show them a better life together. We can do this.

Written by, 

Anna Baty, 3-14-15

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