March 14, 2015

Blue Bell Ice Cream recall, "Urgent".

Blue Bell Ice Cream recall, "Urgent".

Listeria In Blue Bell Ice Cream Kills 3 Sickens 2 More at Via Christi Hospital in Wichita

I have listed the link and the flavors that Blue Bell Ice Cream has recalled. This is very serious so please let friends and family know.

A Listeria outbreak linked to Blue Bell ice cream served to patients at Via Christi Hospital in Wichita has killed three people and sickened two others, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Between January 2014 and January 2015, five patients hospitalized for unrelated causes all contracted listeriosis. Four of those sickened were able to provide a food history and all of them reported having milkshakes made with Blue Bell “Scoops,” a single serving product, while they were in the hospital.

Blue Bell Scoops
Cultures from those patients were positive for four strains of Listeria. Tests on Blue Bell ice cream obtained in South Carolina and Texas in 2015 yielded three strains that matched those isolated from patients. The Blue Bell ice cream products that should not be eaten due to Listeria risk are: Scoops, Chocolate Chip Country Cookie Sandwiches, Great Divide Bars, Sour Pop Green Apple Bar, Cotton Candy Bar, Vanilla Stick Slices and Almond Bars.

Blue Bell posted a message on its website saying; “One of our machines produced a limited amount of frozen snacks with a potential listeria problem. When this was detected all products produced by this machine were withdrawn.  

Our Blue Bell team members recovered all involved products in stores and storage.This withdrawal in no way includes our half gallons, quarts, pints, cups, three gallon ice cream or take-home frozen snack novelties.”
Health officials are concerned that some consumers, retailers or institutional customers may still have these products in their freezers as they have a shelf life of up to two years.

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