May 13, 2014

Lost "Rose".

All flowers or roses have untold stories to tell. They can bring tears to many eyes. How many around the world have picked a perfect delicate flower never to be gifted to their beloved because you have not reached that journey's end.

Life may be a bed of roses for those who always except it. But for the faded love ones it's only a path full of painful thorns. Yet this is always a path worth the walking. See the one's spent in love, either it be pleasure or pain, laughter or tears. Love always has a sweetness of its own and it's a journey we all succumb to but we also ask ourselves when?

Will this delicate Rose be accepted by the love you longed for, or will it be trapped in a room never able to show it true beauty or the love given behind the journey you longed and ached for. We need to remember in the process of searching for the right path the right person the right love. It just might get lost if were forever searching.

Written by,
Anna Baty, 5-13-14

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