February 14, 2013

Am I still your Valentine forever.

Am I still your Valentine forever.

Am i still elegant at a glance. Do I still make you giggle when I sing and dance around the house still after, 29 years.

Now can I ask you ? Do you still love me if I gain 20lbs, or when you find out I have breast cancer and have to have my Breasts removed. Will you think I'm ugly and turn out the lights when I remove my clothes to make " Love" to you because your disgusted by the sight of me.

Now I begin to turn 50 and my
"Hair" shimmers with a touch of gray in the sunlight. When you see the lines form around my "Lips" will you still kiss my soft
"Lips". Can you tell me am I still "Feminine", do I still bring "Magic"to you when I touch your body with my soft lips.

Will you still love to watch me in the sunlight when I'm brushing my long gray hair.Then in the end will you still hold me at night when we turn out the lights to
Sleep and Whisper, I will always
"Love" you and your still "Beautiful in my. Eyes, Heart and Soul. "Am I still your Valentine forever.

Anna Baty

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