November 5, 2012

Your taunting continued, So suicide I choose.

Your taunting continued, So suicide I choose.

Bullied Teen Amanda Todd, Committed Suicide. Sept-10-2012, She leaves chilling video story by flash cards before she dies. Please watch this video, It's sad because now there listening after her death. Years of being bullied. The School beatings the teens recorded but no one stopped to help. I placed the link below to watch her video.

Please notice the marks and use your insight.If someone just cared we would still have our life. So stop and think next time you call someone, "Fat" or "Pathetic" Or before you make them feel Isolated. Because suicide lives in them while they sleep. It follows them day by day.It stays in there minds as they silently think, No where to run, they cannot escape.There are no pills that we can take. We all want to sleep and never awake.

Darkness please tell us, where do we go? and what should we do? Your taunting continues, So suicide we choose.We no longer wake with pains or regrets, We all walk around because we already met.Today is the day I turned out the the light. I now stand
beside you, I also gave up the fight.

Bullied Teen Amanda Todd's Death Under Investigation - ABC News,

Anna Baty

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