November 7, 2012

World reaction to Barack Obama's victory Nov-7-2012

World reaction to Barack Obama's victory Nov-7-2012

I placed the link below for other Nations and Speakers from around the world and there reactions. Of President Barack Obama's re-election in the United States. Some elicited strong feelings - from optimism to skepticism - around the world. A sampling of global reaction from some famous speakers. I also Posted President Barack Obama's Speech video below.

Pope Benedict XVI sent a message to Obama expressing hope that "ideals of liberty and justice, which guided the founders of the U.S.A., may continue to shine on the road ahead for the nation." - Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi.

The bond between Europe and North America, based upon the shared values on which our alliance was founded over 60 years ago, remains as strong, and as important to the preservation of Euro-Atlantic peace and security, as ever. President Obama has demonstrated outstanding leadership in maintaining this vital bond.

I will continue to work with President Obama to preserve the strategic interests of Israel's citizens." - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has had a strained relationship with the American president over Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

President Barack's Obama Elected 2012: President Clinches Electoral Vote Win From Huffington Post:

World reaction to Barack Obama's victory.

I want to thank the New for continuing to give us great coverage.
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