August 25, 2012

"Will you be the one Tonight".

At night lets not close our eyes.
We won't turn away.
Our thoughts can’t reach us
If we choose to keep the distance. It seems, Strengthening still though the lines we’ve drawn are clear
between us.

They say all this aching will disappear when the nights are done .They say when you speak it's the only voice you will hear
"Will you be the one tonight".

Just stay for a while, let me hold you tonight.Just open your eyes, you will see the light shine. You don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to be feel broken, i will hold you close and make you feel safe if only for a lite while.
"Will you be the one Tonight".

Take my hand, no need to speak
Close your eyes and just let me
Take you to the center of your
My world. Where it can be magical and passion Devours Our soul.

We can touch and feel the connection, so nothing will feel lost, but the chance to find true love and to be blessed to hold it only for awhile this makes the cravings harder to let go but
The Satifaction was worth it.
because you would know just how real it feels, To have something truly real, Filling up the emptiness inside your heart.
"Will you be the one Tonight".

Anna Baty

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