August 20, 2012

"Love" and be "Loved" again.

There's songs that make us feel with the realization at how real it can be. It makes us remember the pain of how are hearts feel and how we crave for it to heal from hurting. It lets us look inside and feel that it's okay we will heal it just takes time. It's okay to know and to have that sadness within us and as a part of learning about love and courage.

We all have all gone through something like this at some time and it takes deep soul searching courage,
and commitment to say I can set love free if it means to heal from within and move on.

Even if we can't make it disappear completely, what better way to make it through the sadness, than to acknowledge, accept, and touch it within our hearts that way maybe the loneness will disappear and
we can find it in our hearts to
"Love" and be "Loved" again.

Anna Baty

Leann Rimes
"Please Remember"

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