August 31, 2012

Never say you can't If your not willing to "Try".

Can't doesn't mean it's not there, if you don't see it try looking. Can't doesn't mean stop trying and give up.
Can't doesn't mean to keep letting others do it for you.

My Mom had a saying for us kids. Can't isn't a word it just means your to "Lazy" to get up and "Try".

I believe that if we give more encouragement, Take the time
to help if they ask, but don't do
it for them.Yes life is a "Challenge" but if we don't try then why except the challenge.

No one can tell you how to live your life. So if you choose to be "Dependent" on others in life. If your lazy and never try on your own,
Then don't assume the worlds
against you and no one "Loves"
you.A person can keep giving to you,
and continue to do it for you, Then I ask? what's your purpose.

You need to choose your, "Challenges" and your "Dreams" because they yours.That's what makes us "Unique"
We excepted the "Challenge"
We accomplished our "Dreams"
Because our life is a reflection of our "Soul". Remember you are your own "Creator" of your life's "Path". So don't blame the "World" if you say,
I Can't, and never "Try".

Anna Baty

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