March 23, 2012

True friendship.

True friendship.
Built on trust and Love, you'll see it in yourself and others, are like a budding flower, It's passion is to grow and connect.
We can't always understand the need or explain the reasons behind it, Yet it is our need for Closeness.
One must always continue to believe in the good things that can bring us great, "Happiness".
So I say always look ahead and see the beauty that glows in you and others, Then true friendship is always within us to grow into that Beautiful person we call a "Friend".
Your true, friend Anna, 3-23-12

1 comment:

  1. I love the way you described true friendship,:) I always believe that true friendship exist, no matter where you from or who you are, let's find way to make friendship grow and bind it with a true meaning of friendship..:)