March 22, 2012

My Reflection.

There's so many things I WANT to do in life. I want to DRAW pictures that look pretty to ME.
I want to write words that have meaning Between the lines.
I want to DANCE in the brightest "Moonlight" and don't care who Laughs.
I want to PLAY music and sing out of tune for the world to hear.
I want to make PEOPLE laugh when their feeling sad.
Even after it ALL, I'm not perfect but at least I had the chance to, "Live, Laugh and Love".
If you want to remember ME, Remember I made you SMILE, I left my WORDS to remember in your "Heart".
The last thing, is I never gave up on life --I always took CHANCES and " Lived, Laughed and Loved".
Anna Baty, 3 -22-12

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