March 20, 2012

Show Me

The song is by my son, Danny Baty.

The hardest part of loving someone is trying to hold on.
We all know pain but this is a pain that is beyond any means we know or want to feel.
I never want to doubt a love i feel that is so true.
It seems like the sands of time move ever so slowly as if were stuck in time,
Wanting it to move forward.
I want the Love to be one that holds you when you feel lost,
and know when you feel safe it's in his arms.
That day does come but is it to love forever and hold us together as one.
Or will it be one that loses in the end.
So i say when that day comes,
I want to feel the warmth and keep it forever in my heart and soul.
For that is what we all long for.
I know a love so true shall never be denied,
but i also know it has to be accepted.
We hold it to know that it is real love from within.
So if a love so deep and true does find you,
Remember it is to be Loved, hold them tight let them feel your heartbeat.
as there's beats with yours.
This is a Love that is rare, and once it's found hold on,
don't abuse it with words or silence it,
Because this will cause the heart and soul to feel empty and never want to Love again.

Written by Anna Baty. 3-20-12

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