January 20, 2012

Super Bug

Super Bug
Well its got a hold of me now its been day Three.
I cant eat or sleep it comes without making a peep.
I want to fight it but do not know how, I figured it out
this thing is got to stop now.

No more will you get under my skin, I'm frail and weak
its trying to win. I lay in my bed its attacking my skin.
I fight this hectic thing with all i got, Now at the office
went to the Doc and took the dang Shot.

Its that time of Year we all will fear when that "Super Bug"
comes attacking this Year. So hears some advice coming
your way,  watch out all because he's here to Stay.

He's out for revenge attaching 100 more,
So watch out Super Bug I'll squash you to the floor.
Written by Anna Baty.

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