January 28, 2012

Cancer is my Name.

In dedication to my Mother - Patrica Ann Brandon.
I dedicate this also to all who have suffered under this nasty disease.
I want you to know you did not suffer alone, 
we as family have been by your side.
We will continue to fight this disease.
In hopes one day for a cure,
to honor in the names.Of the ones we Loved dear.

Constant pain consumes my life.
I'm to afraid to go under the knife.
I resist my fear for wanting to live.
Only to induce the pain that it gives.
Still i wonder through a quick demise.
Should i choose to live with this disguise.
For time and strength it's not on my side.
So i read through the knowledge the world tries to hide.
My life it's tells me to try and be strong.
It seems so hard because i don't have long. 
I'm trying to avoid the one called the Reaper,
and all of his friends they call his hidden keepers.
Now my cries they cry with such pain,
because my mind has gone insane.
For death has followed me in such a short time.
This disease it has us all in a line.
For death it now follows me to the end.
It came from nowhere and sucked me within. 

Written, by, Anna Baty, 1-28-2012

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