January 15, 2012

I Chose to Die.

I try to remember but it seems to faint.
I never went hungry, I never was beat.
I guess i wasn't strong, my soul became weak.
Now in my mind i see a figured sight.
It begins to pull at me, as i try to fight.
I held back as hard as i could,
Till the devil latched on and took control.

Now my child hang on for a ride.
That's when i realized i should have tried.
Weak and afraid i begin to cry.
I want to come back please let me try.
Now it's to late, so let me explain why.
The devil still here he stays by my side.
He said i gave up and never even tried.

I live within four walls, with myself just to blame.
I could have got out, if i lived by the my goals.
I have just one way out i know what to do,
To keep the devil from consuming my soul.

I walk to the window look up to the sky.
I reach to make sure the rope is tightly tied.
I take a deep breath as i swing side to side.
The devils defeated because, " I chose to DIE." 

I wrote this because i hope we can find the time to talk to a child, a mother 
a man, who is depressed and thinks that no one cares, Let show them we do. Reach out to stop, Depression and suicide. 

Written by Anna Baty.

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  1. This is so true, devil is just around the corner especially when times we're so down, but we must not be defeated by devil coz' our life is not for him. Thanks a lot for this very awakening post. WE must lend our hand or ears to those who are in need, showing of little kindnesses adds up. Blessed day to you!:)