September 10, 2015

Your life does "Matter".

Your life does "Matter".

Stop feeling tired, frustrated, exhausted, overwhelemed and feeling so unappreciated. 

Every individual will always have to struggle sometimes in their life. But to keep from feeling so overwhelmed and by the world exhausted do something for you. Take a stroll maybe visit an old friend or just spend some time alone to ponder your thoughts. Because
when we keep doing for others and never take time for us. Someone will ask you? How's life been treating you. Your answer will be. I've been so busy doing for others I feel, 
I am always tired, frustrated, exhausted, overwhelemed and feeling very unappreciated. 

Take a break and breathe. This is your life also and you do matter. Always remember, no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself and living your life without all the pressures of what you must do for others. Because just knowing you have the freedom to do nothing is up to you. 

Written by,
Anna Baty, 9-10-15

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