January 6, 2014

Have you praised a child today.

Today I dedicate this to all my Grandchildren and children everywhere. Love your child encourage them. 
Let them know that they are special. 
Let them express themselves by chasing their dream at any age and support them.

Sometimes a child's scribbles and drawings by there own hands is called learning art through expression. Let them learn who they are and how unique they have become. Let them know there art is special enough to hang right beside a "Picasso" art piece.  

This painting in the picture is done by our Grandson, Lucas Smith, age 10. He gave this to us, His Papaw & Mamaw for a Christmas Gift to hang up in our house.
 I think it's a perfect Picasso Drawing. 

My grandchildren are all Unique in their own way. Chris, Jessie, Destiny, Racheal, Lyric, Lucas, Hayden, Ian, Kobi, Hunter, Oliver.
They all are very Talented.

Written by,
Anna Baty, 1-7-14

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