June 2, 2011

My front Window.

As i look out my front window what do i see.
The leave's blow from the fierce wind.
As the whipperwills sing as if always in tune.

The more i watch it catches my eye,
before she knew he was by her side.
Afraid to move as if she's frozen,
wish she could run and try to hide.

While laughing and having no remorse,
you robbed, raped, and killed her.
She never had a second chance,
for all i seen was a quit glance.

Now terrified that he had seen me.
Where do i run and where do i go.
I never reached out to stop the crime,
so now i realize im going to die.

With a quick thought i know what to do.
Hoping someone is looking through,
The front window like i used to do.
The killer out my window.

1 comment:

  1. Purse snatchin’? I’d probably run the sucker down and hold him for the cops. Unarmed during a bank heist, six guys with automatic weapons? Do what the man says. Sometimes you just have to make a split second decision... but your safety should always come first.
    Nicely written... very thought provoking.